You might be wondering why there is a picture of a man with arrows through him on a website selling a baby board book.  I wondered about this myself, but decided to go with it.  To start, my husband's patron saint is St. Sebastian.  For years I thought I didn't have a patron saint until I learned that my name is also Irene in other languages.  I later learned there was a St. Irene of Rome who had my birthday.  I finally learned that she helped tend to St. Sebastian the first time he was "martyred" - which actually didn't succeed in killing him.  I thought, how beautiful!  Our saints knew each other and are probably praying for us from Heaven.  I also thought "Sebastian & Irene" sounded like a really cool clothing line or store, so here we are with it as the name of our website.  Since St. Irene helped heal St. Sebastian, and our world is in need of healing, they are our patrons to help heal the world through God, who is Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.  Enjoy our site!
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